MAD Gallery

  • DJ DBC
    MAD Fm Worldwide DJ DBC

    Chicago House Connoisseur MAD resident and ruler of the chicago house sound

  • DJ Shih Tzu
    MAD Fm Worldwide DJ Shih Tzu

    Housework Co-Host MAD resident and backup vocals every week for DBC

  • The Wag Band
    MAD Fm Worldwide The Wag Band

    A band from New Jersey Featuring vocal harmonies at the forefront of their sound

  • DJ Chiavistelli
    MAD Fm Worldwide DJ Chiavistelli

    From Italy to You MAD resident and superstar house music DJ from Italy

  • The Plan
    MAD Fm Worldwide Concept Plan

    MAD Concept Drawing Original plans that lead to the formation of the station

  • Sample Gee
    MAD Fm Worldwide DJ Sample Gee

    DJ Legend from New Zealand Sample Gee is NZ's most commercially successful DJ

  • The Transmitter
    MAD Fm Worldwide Transmitter

    The Main Aerial Installed Building consents were always going to be a problem

  • DJ Irvin Cee
    MAD Fm Worldwide DJ Irvin Cee

    Master of the Dark Arts MAD resident, deep house, tech house, techno master

  • Greg Churchill
    MAD Fm Worldwide DJ Greg Churchill

    DJ legend from New Zealand Greg is the Don Dada of New Zealand house music

  • Real Groovy
    MAD Fm Worldwide Real Groovy Records

    Real Groovy Records Real Groovy is an oasis of cool for new and used vinyl

  • 510 Jazz
    MAD Fm Worldwide 510 Jazz

    A band from California Combining contemporary jazz, bossa nova and hip hop

  • Rob Sanders
    MAD Fm Worldwide Deuce Radio Rob Sanders

    Head of Deuce Music Promoting quality bands and artists around the world

  • PMJ
    MAD Fm Worldwide Post Modern Jukebox

    New Music Old Style Doing it the old fashioned way and loving every second

  • OneMusic
    MAD Fm Worldwide OneMusic Licensed

    Licensed to Play Licensing the copyright and recording of bands and artists

  • Dick Lee
    MAD Fm Worldwide DJ Dick Lee

    Garage Rock from California MAD resident and 1960s USA Garage Rock aficionado

  • Doktor@Funk
    MAD Fm Worldwide DJ Doktor@Funk

    From Madrid to you MAD resident playing house and lounge chilled grooves

  • Matt Barker
    MAD Fm Worldwide DJ Matt Barker

    Deuce Show Host New indie artists from around the world every week

  • DJ Bastiq
    MAD Fm Worldwide DJ Bastiq

    Trance from the Netherlands MAD resident bringing you the finest trance tracks every week

  • Robin Schulz
    MAD Fm Worldwide DJ Robin Schulz

    Sugar Radio MAD resident with the latest in house, deep-house, EDM and dance

  • Jim and Stac Edwards
    MAD Fm Worldwide DJ Stac Edwards

    New Music Food Truck MAD residents reversing the indie truck in every Thursday

  • JJ Kane
    MAD Fm Worldwide DJ JJ Kane

    Quite Great Radio Show MAD resident showcasing indie artists and bands weekly

  • Alex Negniy
    MAD Fm Worldwide DJ Alex Negniy

    Trance Air Host MAD resident and one of the top trance DJs in the Ukraine

  • Graeme Park
    MAD Fm Worldwide DJ Graeme Park

    Long Live House MAD resident and host of long live house the radio show

  • Drumcomplex
    MAD Fm Worldwide DJ Drumcomplex

    Drumcomplexed Radio MAD resident and deep tech house master from Germany

  • Tim Board
    MAD Fm Worldwide DJ Tim Board

    Eye on Jamz Indie MAD resident showcasing indie artists from everywhere

  • Mike Rogers
    MAD Fm Worldwide DJ Mike Rogers

    The Mike Rogers Show MAD resident showcasing cool Japanese rock weekly

  • Cleve Baker
    MAD Fm Worldwide DJ Cleve Baker

    Confessing the Blues MAD resident with the weekly Roadhouse Blues Party

  • Chuck Mathews
    MAD Fm Worldwide DJ Chuck Mathews

    Greatest Hits USA MAD resident playing your Favorite 60s and 70s hits

  • Joseph Sinatra
    MAD Fm Worldwide DJ Joseph Sinatra

    Dance in the World MAD resident bringing you the latest Dance tracks from Sicily

  • Dimitri K
    MAD Fm Worldwide DJ Dimitri K

    Lite Lounge MAD resident hosting smooth lounge music from Orlando, Florida

  • Al Walser
    MAD Fm Worldwide DJ Al Walser

    US Top 20 MAD resident hosting the Weekly US Top 20 Countdown Show

  • Laurent Schark
    MAD Fm Worldwide DJ Laurent Schark

    Laurent Schark MAD resident hosting the Laurent Schark Selection Show

  • Ian Davies
    MAD Fm Worldwide DJ Ian Davies

    Ian Davies MAD resident hosting the Rock Block Show on Fridays

  • Mindflash
    MAD Fm Worldwide DJ Mindflash

    Mindflash MAD resident hosting Digital Cocaine and Delicious House Sensations

  • The Broadcast Console
    MAD Fm Worldwide Broadcast Console

    ACME Broadcast Console The BC219, the very best in cutting edge equipment

  • The Lighting Plan
    MAD Fm Worldwide Studio

    Mood is Set Everything set to blink in sequence and ready to go

  • The Connection Plan
    MAD Fm Worldwide FM Connection Plan

    FM Transmission Plan Getting everything musical from us to your fm radio

  • Internet Streaming Plan
    MAD Fm Worldwide Internet Connection Plan

    Studio Completed Getting everything musical from us to your web device

  • The Studio Commisioning
    MAD Fm Worldwide Studio Testing

    Studio is Switched On Our Studio testing begins and many buttons are pressed

  • The Final Result
    MAD Fm Worldwide Final Construction Results

    Studio Completed Everything finally in place and ready for the first show